Group Quality Assurance Department strengthens Komatsu Forest’s quality focus


Two people have been recruited to the QA Department at Komatsu Forest’s headquarters in Umeå, Sweden. Their names are Bertil Lindgren and Anneli Sandberg-Jakobsson. Lindgren has worked as an industrial project manager and has several major projects under his belt. His previous positions at a number of different companies include CEO, quality manager, production manager, and technical manager. Sandberg-Jakobsson has more than 20 years of forestry experience. Her previous positions have included forestry worker and forestry engineer, with tasks such as timber acquisition and harvest planning.

Sandberg-Jakobsson has also conducted a number of project assignments within Norra Skogsägarna. In recent years, she has worked with group quality assurance and environmental management, within both the forestry and industrial segments of Norra Skogsägarna. “Our competencies are complementary,” says Lindgren. Their main task at the QA Department will be to act as a coordinating, supportive, and driving unit within the Komatsu Forest Group as regards quality assurance. They will highlight quality assurance costs and shortcomings in continual improvement work chiefly founded on customer feedback. At Komatsu Forest, quality assurance is an ongoing process wherein all units work toward a common goal: to always manufacture products that are safe, innovative, and of high quality. In order to realize this ambition, each development and production phase includes follow-up meetings to evaluate and analyze the product and any measures taken. In this way, the company can offer products that meet customers’ stringent demands on quality and reliability. “Quality work must be a daily and living process, not an urgent measure. With our panoramic view of the business, we’ll be able to coordinate methodic quality assurance initiatives and establish systems to strengthen day-to-day improvements as regards products, environmental considerations, and information, as well as improve our ability to incorporate customer feedback in production and development processes,” says Sandberg-Jakobsson.
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