Valmet Machines Certified Safe by EuroTest


Komatsu Forest is the only forestry machine manufacturer in the world to voluntarily submit its new harvesters and forwarders for safety certification in accordance with the EuroTest requirements. This means that the mandatory CE marking has been reviewed and approved by an independent third party, in this case SMP Svensk maskinprovning AB in Sweden.

Most common within the forestry machine industry is for manufacturers to conduct the mandatory CE marking internally. Komatsu Forest has now chosen to go to the next stage with its Valmet forwarders and harvesters, completely in line with the company's focus on quality.
“We want our customers to feel safe and secure. That's why we've engaged external experts to conduct third-party certification of the legislated CE requirements in accordance with the EuroTest requirements,” explains Per Hedström, chief designer at Komatsu Forest.
Third-party certification is an extensive undertaking and comprises some 50 tests for each machine type. The test work has shown that the Valmet machines exceed the requirements by a pleasingly large margin. It has, however, required some fine-tuning of machine instructions, which has further increased safety. All information from the tests is also saved in a systematic manner so that designers can find and retrieve older information during continued development work.
“Today Valmet is the sole forestry machine company in the world to hold a EuroTest certificate,” explains Stefan Frisk, unit manager at SMP in Umeå, Sweden. “This means that Komatsu Forest now has it on paper that Valmet machines are extremely safe.”
The Komatsu Forest machines covered by the EuroTest certificate are the Valmet 901.3, 911.3, and 941 harvesters and the Valmet 830.1, 840.2, 860.1, and 890.2 forwarders. The new forwarder models, 840.3, 860.3 and 890.3 will also be EuroTest certified.
About EuroTest certificates:
A quality-assured and independent third party assesses whether a product has been CE marked on good grounds. A EuroTest certificate may only be issued by a certifying body participating in the European EuroTest collaboration. In Sweden SMP issues EuroTest certificates.
For further information:
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