New function for steep terrain


A crane tilt function is now available for the Valmet 860.4. This function facilitates forwarding in steep terrain.

Simply put, we can say that the crane tilt function enables the slewing motor to rotate the crane, which it is actually designed to do, rather than to lift it. This enables the grapple to hold more and makes it easier to get at the timber.
The crane tilt function for the Valmet 860.4 enables the crane pillar to be tilted backward, at a longitudinal tilt angle of 5° to 15° (22° in parking position). This provides a substantial advantage, especially when operating in steep terrain, as the crane slewing motor gains considerably more power. This has several benefits. For one, you can quite simply collect more timber in the grapple, which increases production. Another advantage is that when thinning, it’s easier to reach timber stacked behind a tree. As you do not need to move the machine as much to get at the timber, you can save a great deal of time otherwise spent repositioning. The operator controls the integrated crane tilt function with a simple foot pedal.
The new crane tilt function has a fully integrated design achieved by attaching a joint from the slewing house to a plate fitted to the rear frame. The construction is supported by two cylinders that regulate the tilt angle. The crane tilt function, which is available for the Valmet 860.4 with a CFR11 Combi, is integrated with the crane valve, while the hose routing is integrated with the crane hose bundle. The compact design ensures considerably greater reliability. The crane tilt function is an option on the Valmet 860.4 and offered for the markets Germany, Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom/Ireland.

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