A new generation of Forwarders


Komatsu Forest takes another giant step in the development of forwarders. Two brand new forwarders, Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 865, now take the forwarders to a new level. With a new engine, new transmission, new cab and also a whole host of other new features, the new forwarders are the first in a new generation of Komatsu forwarders.

Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 865 are forwarders that are ideal for everything from thinning to final felling, and with two powerful mid-range forwarders it is now possible to choose the most suitable for the prevailing conditions.
Komatsu 855 is responsive and versatile with a load capacity at 13 tonnes and Komatsu 865 is powerful and productive with a load capacity of 15 tonnes. Both forwarders are equipped with the new eco-friendly E3 Power engine that gives the machines their immense power. The new engines in the forwarders do not just have a high performance and good working characteristics, but also unmatched combustion efficiency, which results in low fuel consumption.

The engines feature a technology called SCR, or Selective Catalytic Reduction. Essentially, the SCR technique achieves a reduction in nitrogen emissions by installing a catalytic converter after the engine in the exhaust system and automatically adding a special liquid to the exhaust system, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).The new engines are optimized based on maximum fuel combustion for the best possible efficiency, which reduces the number of particulates to a very low level. As such, no expensive particle filter is needed.
The new engines also interact with a new transmission system that adapts itself to the load, slope and obstacles. Making Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 865 both productive and profitable forwarders. The hydrostatic transmission system and diesel engine’s characteristics are optimized with each other to provide maximum traction. With really good traction it is now possible to increase the driving speed, even when the terrain is challenging.

The new forwarders also feature a brand new cab, which is more spacious in all directions. The feeling of more space inside the cab is striking.In addition, visibility has been improved both sideways and upward, making crane operations easier and more relaxing. The operator environment is also quieter. The seat is ergonomically designed and specially developed for forest machines. Add to this that many of the new features make everyday life in the cab more comfortable and you have a world class cab environment.

Both Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 865 are equipped with our unique bogie solution, Komatsu Comfort Bogie, gives you superb mobility and stability.

The MaxiXplorer 3.0 control system ensures that Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 865 have the best operating and production follow-up available on the market.

 Highlights: Komatsu 855, Komatsu 865

• New engine, E3 Power, offering higher performance, improved fuel economy and   lower emissions
• New driver’s seat with large working area for maximum ergonomics
• Engine hood with a new design for easier service
• New larger cab with even better visibility and operating environment
• Larger storage solutions and spaces
• New ergonomic hand controls with more functions
• Well equipped and well-integrated work lights with smart lighting control
• Easily opened doors with integrated handle
• New hydraulic and fuel tanks
• Greater load capacity
• New transmission that adapts itself to the load, slope and obstacles
• New shorter exhaust pipe with a better view
• Noise shield between the engine and cab
• New control system, MaxiXplorer 3.0
• A new fuse box with LEDs for blown fuses
• Integrated DEF tank
• New Heavy Duty Komatsu Comfort Bogie with hub reduction and portal (Komatsu 865)
• Extra short rear frame option (Komatsu 855)

Technical facts

Komatsu 855   Komatsu 865

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