Spare Parts & ProSelect

Keeping your Komatsu machine in Forestry Quality

Spare parts

For long-term economy, using Komatsu Forests’ original spare parts always gives you the best value. All parts in our machines are designed and dimensioned for optimal mutual performance. This allows longer length of life as well as maximum performance and reliability. Keep your Komatsu truly Komatsu and make the most of your investment!


Ka_Skyltning_big.jpg ProSelect is our unique assortment of spare parts, accessories and consumables for forest machines. The chief purpose of ProSelect is to provide you with the prerequisites for increased profitability. We do this through high quality, availability and a complete assortment of products and services that minimizes downtime and optimizes performance.

In the ProSelect Store you’ll find examples of the most common spare parts and consumables. In the adjoining PDF you also find the complete ProSelect collection.

ProSelect Brochure