• Scope

    A powerful crane with a long reach is important for efficient forwarding. This generation of forwarders comes with really powerful cranes. A new great pump and a large valve gives you the best crane driving characteristics on the market. With both high net lifting power and torque, you have the right power even in steep terrain.

  • Load capacity

    The new forwarders have load spaces with impressive capacity, with the Komatsu 875 stepping up in a league of its own. If you choose FlexBunk you also get adjustable struts and the opportunity to expand the load space. Add FlexGate to get an even better view and a gate that springs if bumped into by the crane.

  • Powerful

    The new generation comes with a powerful driveline with high powers and strong traction. The engine complies with Stage 4 Final requirements and combines maximised fuel efficiency with high performance. The driveline provides maximum torque at low revs and adapts automatically to terrain, inclines and crane loads.