Komatsu PC200 Harvester

A forestry excavator with uncompromising combinations

Komatsu PC200 Harvester

Komatsu PC200 Excavator with Komatsu 370E or Komatsu S132 units is a unique combination for operating in clear felling areas and where an alternative to a wheeled harvester is needed.


Developed for forest operations

The machine has been fully prepared for operations in the forest. Powerful hydraulics spacially developed for forest operations and combining travel and cross-cutting functions. It makes the operation of the vehicle and the unit fast and smooth.

Towards efficient forestry

The saying ‘Time is money’ is more important for forestry than for any other industry. Every hour and every minute means profit or cost. Therefore it’s useful to know that Komatsu PC200 with Komatsu 370E or Komatsu S132 combines reliability and productivity, while offering fast and easy maintenance. As a result, these vehicles make work in the forest maximally efficient.

Unique combination

This vehicle combines the features of an ordinary, heavy-duty, and multi-purpose excavator with the high productivity of a harvester. This vehicle will  save you investments while providing multi-functionality in a forest, due to its well-designed carrier vehicle – from hydraulics to the control system. What you get are only clear advantages for forestry work.

Specially designed

This forest excavator is specially designed for high productivity, low fuel consumption, and maximum comfort for the operator. Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 turbo diesel engine gives Komatsu PC200 its exceptional power and operational capabilities. Engine power according to SAE J1995 standard amounts to 110 kW (147 hp), ensuring a higher hydraulic effort and increased fuel savings.


PC200 Harvester


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General information

21,900 kg

Minimum widht

2,800 mm

Height (cabin)

3,126 mm

Length, carrier vehicle

4,450 mm

Travelling height, short trailer

3,126 mm

Road clearance

440 mm

Fuel tank

400 litres


Komatsu SAA6D107E, 6-cylinder turbo diesel with charged air cooler


147 hp (110 kW) at 2,000 rpm

General information

EMMS-controlled hydrostatic transmission

Tractive force

178 kN/18,200 kg

General information

Two pedal levers enable full independent control of each track

Travel motors

Axial piston w/parking brake

Swing motor

Axial piston w/platform

Parking brake


Reduction gear system

Double planetary gears

General information

Central x-frame with modular structure track frame. Fully sealed track shoes.

No of base rollers

7 on each side

No of support rollers

2 on each side

Track widht

700 mm, w/three grousers

General information

Comfortable SpaceCab. Higher internal air pressure, viscous damper mounts. Low noise level. ISO standard. Climate control.

General information

EMMS is the improved Komatsu control system intended for managing all of the machine functions, issuing necessary operating data quickly and reliably; data is selected on a user friendly multifunctional LCD screen. MaxiXplorer system designed for a harvester and installed separately from the carrier vehicle‘s control system. MaxiXplorer provides ample capabilities for machine setting, cross-cutting, and monitoring the MaxiFleet system operation and use (Satellite monitoring).

General information

Single boom / arm with adapter

Working radius w/unit

9,5 m

General information

Komatsu 370E and Komatsu S132

General information

Standard and additional equipment will be adapted to various markets. You may request the list of all the additional equipment from your dealer

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, not that which is standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.