Komatsu PC390LL-10

High performance Log Loader with Komatsu designed forestry attachments

Komatsu PC390LL-10

High performance Log Loader with Komatsu designed forestry attachments


Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 Engine

Powerful Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 engine provides a net output of 192 kW 257 hp is EPA Tier 4 interim and EU stage 3B emissions certified. Forestry modifications include insulation with heat shields for the diesel particulate filter and debris screens on engine compartment air flow openings.

Komatsu Forestry Cab

The new ROPS/OPS/FOPS/TOPS/FOG/WCB/Oregon OSHA certified Komatsu Forestry cab provides a comfortable and quiet work environment so operators can maximize their productivity. The OPS certifed cab is specifically designed for forestry applicatiaons and gains strength from a reinforced framework. The operator platform is mounted on viscous damper mounts to isolate vibrations from cab floor.

Komatsu Forestry Undercarriage

Large PC490 class track components and final drives provide 73,880 lbf drawbar pull for excellent slope climbing performance and maneuverability.  Forestry high and wide carbody with 32" ground clearance has a heavy duty swivel guard, full length bottom roller support rock guards and reinforced idler with large recoil spring.  Wide 10'11" gauge improves over the side lift capacity.

Komatsu Live Heel Boom

Komatsu designed and built 42' reach live heel logging boom has Komatsu built boom, arm, heel and hydraulic cylinders.




Komatsu PC390 technical drawing
Log Loader

Includes: Forestry cab with 48" riser, High-wide track frame, 700mm double grouser shoes, Komatsu 42' live heel logging boom, Heavy counterweight, Battery box guard, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, operator and standard equipment.


Includes: Forestry cab with 7" riser, 700mm double grouser shoes, 21'3" (6500mm) one-piece HD boom, 10'5" (3185mm) arm, 1.8 yd (1.4m³ ) bucket. heavy counterweight, battery box guard, rated capcity of lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, operator and standard equipment.


Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 (EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU stage 3B emissions certified)


Water-cooled, 4 cycle, direct injection


Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR.

No of cylinders



4.49" (114 mm)


5.69" (144.5 mm)

Piston displacement

540 in³ (8.85 ltr)


SAE J1995: Gross- 271 HP (202 kW). ISO 9249 / SAE J1349: Net- 257 HP (192Kw), Rated rpm: 1950




All-speed control, electronic

Swing motor

1 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake


HydrauMind (Hydraulic Mechanical Intelligence New Design) system, closed-center system with load sensing valves and pressure compensated valves.

No of working modes


Main pump type

Variable-displacement piston pump

Main pump: Pumps for

Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits

Main pump: Maximum flow

141.3 gal/min (535 ltr/min)

Relief valve setting: Implement circuits

37.3 MPa 380 kg/cm² (5,400 psi)

Relief valve setting: Pilot circuit

3.2 MPa 33kg/cm² (470 psi)

Relief valve setting: Swing circuit

27.9 MPa 285 kg/cm² (4.050 psi)

Relief valve setting: Travel circuit

37.3 MPa 380 kg/cm² (5,400 psi)

Service valve max. flow: First valve

141 U.S. gal (535 ltr)

Center frame


Track frame


No of shoe links

46 per side

Seal of track

Sealed track

Track adjuster


No of carrier rollers


No of track rollers

7 per side

Maximum drawbar pull

73,880 lb (329 kN 33510 kg)

Parking brake

Mechanical disc brake


70%, 35°

Steering control

Two levers with pedals

Maximum travel speed

3.4 mph (5.5 km/h)

Service brake

Hydraulic lock

Swing reduction

Planetary gear

Swing speed

7.5 rpm

Swing circle lubrication


Swing torque

97,024 ft lbs (13414 kg∙m)

Swing lock

Mechanical disc brake

Fuel Tank

159.8 U.S. gal (605 ltr)


9.7 U.S. gal (37 ltr)


9.2 U.S. gal (35 ltr)

Final drive

2.7 (10.5 ltr)

Swing drive

5.3 U.S. gal (20 ltr)

Hydraulic tank

49.7 U.S. gal (188 ltr)


High and wide forestry undercarriage with: 773 mm (2' 6'') clearance and 2932 gauge (9' 7 ''). Hydraulic track adjusters. Revolving frame undercovers HD (9mm). Shoes Triple grouser 28'' (700mm). Swivel guard HD.

Engine and related items

Komatsu SAA6D114E-5, (EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emissions certified). Automatic engine warm-up system. Engine overheat prevention system. Dry type air cleaner, double element. Fuel system pre-cleaner 10 micron. KDPF insulation wrap and heat shields. EMMS monitoring system. Engine doors, HD (6mm). Engine overheat prevention system. Fuel system pre-cleaner (10 micron). Secondary engine shutoff switch. Suction Fan.

Electrical system

Alternator- 60 Ampere, 24V. Batteries - Large capacity. Battery disconnect switch. Starter motor-11.0kW/24 V x 1. Converter-24V to 12V


Boom and arm holding valves. High pressure in-line hydraulic filters, Power maximizing system. PPC hydraulic control system. Service valve.

Other standard equipment

AM/FM radio. Automatic air conditioner/heater. Auxiliary input (3.5 jack). Cab Komatsu ROPS/OPS/FOPS/TOPS/WCB certified forestry cab or Temporary shipping shell. Counterweight 7090 kg (15,631 lb). Electric Horn. Extended work equipment grease interval. Forest debris screens, (removeable for cleaning). High back air suspension seat (with heat). Grip strut walkways. KOMTRAX® level 4.0. Large 7" (177mm) LCD color monitor. Lock Lever. Mirrors (LH/RH). Power maximizing system. Pump/Engine room partition cover. radiator and oil cooler dustproof net. Rear reflectors. Rearview monitoring system (1 camera). Seat belt, 3" (76mm)(retractable). Seat belt indicator. Skylight. Slip resistant foot plates. Thermal and fan guards. Travel alarm. Working light package. Working mode selection system.


10'5" (3185mm) arm assembly. 10'5" (3185mm) arm assembly w/1 actuator piping. 13'2" (4020mm) arm assembly. 13'2" (4020mm) arm assembly w/1 actuator piping. Arm holding valve


21'3" (6500mm) HD boom assembly. 21'3" (6500mm) HD boom assembly w/1 actuator piping. 42" (12800 mm) LIve heel logging boom. Boom cylinders only.

Cab Risers

Forestry cab, 7" (177mm) fixed riser. Forestry cab, 48" (1220mm) tilting riser.

Other Optional Equipment

Arm holding valves. Battery box guard. Counterweight 17,868 lb (8105 kg). Flow Control and spool limiters. Forestry Grapples: 58" or 60" openings. Soft swing. straight travel system pedal.


28" (700mm) double grouser. 31.5" triple grousers.

General information

For additional product information or questions please contact your local Komatsu Dealer. Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, which is either standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment.