Komatsu X164E

A head specially developed for harvesting eucalyptus

Komatsu X164E

With the Komatsu X164E, eucalyptus harvesting is taking an innovative and major step forward. This is a head specially developed for harvesting eucalyptus, employing both new and proven technology tailored to demanding plantation environments.


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One-pass debarking

Meets the requirements for one-pass debarking on at least 50% of stems (allowing for deviations in both stands and individual trees).

Unique cutting function

Unlike other heads, the X164E uses extremely powerful hydraulic shears to cut each stem. This results in reduced costs for service, maintenance and downtime, as well as improved machine and operator safety. 

Effective debarking

The smart feed system design ensures effective debarking by rotating the stem through the head, enabling the feed rollers to maintain optimal contact with the stem.

Hose routing

The Komatsu X164E has protected hosing that is routed inside the head, ensuring both greater reliability and reduced costs for spare parts.

Bark in shorter lenghts

The head shreds the bark into shorter lengths, minimising process disruptions at sawmills and supporting the planting of new trees.




Komatsu X164E
Width, max

1 371 mm (54”)

Height incl. rotator

1 888 mm (74.3")

Height to top knife

1 341 mm (52.8")

Roller opening, max

500 mm (19.7")

Opening front knives

650 mm (25.59")

Opening rear knives

715 mm (28.15")


From 1 651 kg (3 640 lbs)

Feed speed

0-6.6 m/s (0-21.6 ft/s)

Gross feed force

21,1 kN

Feed wheel type

Steel, X-style

Delimbing knives, number


Debarking arms


Delimbing dia., tip-to-tip

650 mm (25.6")

Fell/Cut diam. theor. max

300 mm (11.8")

Max hydraulic flow

380 l/min (100.4 gal/min)

Max hydraulic pressure

280 bar

General information

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