MaxiFleet Area Management

User-friendly area management optimises work and saves time

The area management features in MaxiFleet enable you to take care of and automate a large number of administrative tasks from your office, smartphone or home.

Efficient and user-friendly administration
An area registered in MaxiFleet includes information about wood piles, timber concentration, machine tracks and more. You can prepare an area in advance in MaxiFleet together with its identities and attach instruction files and maps for both harvesters and forwarders. When the operator then enters the machine, all areas that were prepared are available for selection in MaxiXT.

Real-time information optimises work
The area overview in MaxiFleet enables you to follow progress in your areas. It displays information about the shares of harvested and forwarded volumes, the average stem and a map of wood pile locations. What's more, it enables you to quickly create reports for a particular area. For example, a comparison with the estimated volume specified when the area was created provides a rough idea of how much work remains in the area and that work can be further optimised.

Since all areas are saved and administered in MaxiFleet, area identities also simplify your work. All machines in the same fleet gain access to the same areas and the same information. This means that map information – including tracks and production – is automatically shared between harvesters and forwarders, on the condition that you use the map program MaxiVision.

Detailed follow-ups possible
Area management makes it easy to follow up an area as regards both production and map data. The map shows tracks, logging area boundaries, sub-areas, wood piles and completed and ongoing areas.

Applies to MaxiFleet Advanced and Advanced Plus.
MaxiFleet map

A screenshot showing the map function in MaxiFleet.