MaxiFleet Map layers

Makes planning easier

The map layers offer an improved overview of the area. You can easily discern harvested areas, forwarder and harvester tracks, whether the timber has been forwarded and wood piles. This makes it even easier to plan schedules and timber transport.

  • From the area overview in MaxiFleet, you can choose to display map layers for tracks, harvester production and area boundaries. The function is available for both older areas and current areas. There is also a map layer showing forwarder wood piles.
  • The map layers are updated several times each day, enabling you to monitor how work is progressing in real time. You can, for example, view timber locations and see whether a forwarder has been there.
  • The portion of an area that has been harvested can also be seen, as well as the share of timber that has been moved to the wood piles.