MaxiFleet Offline Sync

Smart and useful function for poor network coverage

MaxiFleet is a web-based system that enables you to compile and present all machine and production data generated by your machine. The smart MaxiFleet Offline Sync function means that even if you often work in areas with poor network coverage, you can still make the most of the system's advantages.

Offline Sync can be used as either a complement in areas where network coverage is poor or in areas with no network signal. The function is designed for seamless operation and allows operators to focus on their work while the technology quietly does its job in the background.

This is how it works

  • The operator downloads an app on their smartphone. 
  • With the press of a button, data is transferred from the machine to the app.
  • Once the operator is back in an area with coverage, the app automatically synchronises with MaxiFleet.

One prerequisite for the app is that the machine has a Wi-Fi network. MaxiFleet functions that require a network connection are remote-controlled diesel heater, real-time machine location and remote support.