Prepare for the autumn

10% on batteries, battery water, lubricants and selected brand merchandise

Would you like to prepare for the coming autumn? We currently have special deals on our sturdy Komatsu original batteries and our lubricants developed for cold, wet weather. You can also take the chance to stock up on a few practical items and warm clothing from our online store.

The offers:

Batteries and battery water
Sturdiness is critical when it comes to Komatsu’s original batteries. They are specially designed to withstand intense vibrations when working in uneven terrain and harsh conditions. Moreover, they have a perfect cycling life, which can be discharged and recharged over a long period. This ensures a reliable power supply as battery life is extended.
Komatsu BW is distilled and de-ionised water to ensure optimal battery function and life – unlike normal tap water, which can damage the battery cells.

VGC1 Lubricant
VGC1 is highly water repellent and offers effective protection against corrosion to handle the challenging work environment faced by forest machines. The reason for this is that it sticks to the surface, ensuring continued lubrication even in wet conditions. In addition to this, it stands up exceptionally well against shocks and jolts. The result is a lubricant that maximises the performance of your Komatsu.

VGC1 Winter Lubricant 
Specially developed to withstand cold temperatures, this is a lubricant to keep production high even in winter. With lower viscosity at low temperatures, it offers increased water resistance and good adhesion. Moreover, it provides strong corrosion protection and can even withstand heavy loads. A lubricant for harsh winters, quite simply.

Have you got everything? Komatsu’s backpack has everything from an inside compartment with extra padding for a laptop to a waterproof mobile phone pocket and side pockets for water bottles. The softly padded back makes it comfortable to carry.

This hoodie makes appreciating the challenges of shifting autumn weather that much easier. It is warm, soft and comfortable, just like a hoodie should be, with elasticated knitted cuffs and hem.

Komatsu’s matte black thermos is a reliable companion that keeps 0.5 litres of your favourite drink hot until your next break in the forest.

As autumn approaches, the clothes you wear inside are just as important as those you wear outside. This is why Komatsu stocks comfortable underpants.

Promotional period 1 October to 30 November. Please get in touch with your nearest dealer for more information. Pick up some practical and stylish branded merchandise at