Hydraulic height-adjustable bunk supports for Valmet 890.3


All new Valmet 890.3 forwarders equipped with Valmet LoadFlex now offer the option of hydraulic height-adjustable bunk supports that are controlled from the cab.

The hydraulic supports are also available for the Valmet 840.4 and the Valmet 860.4 when fitted with LoadFlex.  The LoadFlex flexible bunk system comprises parallel-controlled bunk supports with extra joints that fold outwards to make the bunk wider than normal. This enables the forwarder to always carry its maximum load. The ability to widen the bunk lowers the forwarder’s center of gravity, further increasing machine stability.  And now the supports can be raised and lowered from the driver’s seat, with each side controlled separately. Hydraulic supports make roundwood and forest residue harvesting even more efficient as the height of the supports is easily adjusted.  The hydraulic supports can be lowered even more than the manually-adjustable supports, further lowering the height of the path taken by the crane. This also improves the machine’s center of gravity and facilitates transport on a trailer

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