The world's first fully rotating head


Komatsu Forest is the first manufacturer in the world to launch a continuous rotating head. The Valmet 370E Continuous Rotating is the world's first head with a continuous rotation function.

This function enables the head to rotate fully without risking hose breakage. With a regular head, the head must be rotated back and forward during processing to avoid hose breakage. With the Continuous Rotating function, all hoses and electric cables run through a swivel, which means the operator can focus solely on production.

Continuous Rotating is based on Komatsu Forest's good experience of Valmet ProTec, the protected hose routing solution for forwarders, and the basic idea of Continuous Rotating is the same, to increase the machine's MTBF, Mean Time Between Failures. The result is quite simply less downtime.
Development work on the Valmet 370E Continuous Rotating is the result of Komatsu Forest's Kaizen work. Kaizen is Japanese, with Kai meaning change and Zen meaning continual improvement. These continual improvements chiefly comprise all the small, seemingly insignificant improvements that together make for a product better. Another central aspect of Kaizen is to give the customer want they really want and need. The driving force throughout the development of the Valmet 370E Continuous Rotating has been our customers in South America with their standardized production processes. The Valmet 370E Continuous Rotating is designed primarily for tracked feller/bunchers and excavators.

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