ProAct 2.0 includes regular inspections and maintenance tailored to each individual machine, so the forest machine owner gets the right service, at the right time and when it suits their schedule.

As a natural part of efforts to refine proactive maintenance, Komatsu Forest is taking yet another step forward in the development of ProAct 2.0. Following comprehensive component tests and in consultation with our suppliers and customers, we are now introducing a 750-hour service interval. This optimises machine maintenance while retaining quality – resulting in increased production time and lower service costs.

All service is conducted by Komatsu experts and we only use high-quality original parts and consumables. What's more, ProAct 2.0 gives the forest machine owner access to these parts in the field via a field stock.

ProAct 2.0 gives the forest machine owner access to each machine's production and status information. The owner has full control over both scheduled service visits and all maintenance reports and can track important key data. Moreover, the supplementary agreement ProAct 2.0 XP offers protection for critical components up to 9,000 engine hours. Everything to make machine ownership easier while increasing peace of mind and profitability.

The ProAct 2.0 concept varies by market. The above applies for the Swedish market.