Komatsu 951XC

Productive final logging harvester with excellent climbing characteristics

Komatsu 951XC

Our largest eight-wheeled harvester is a stable and powerful machine, developed especially for harvesting in steep and challenging terrain. Hub reductions, the compact design and a large work area are just a few of the advantages.

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Make your way regardless of the terrain

An important advantage when logging in hilly terrain is the levelling function for the cab and crane, which makes the machine a strong performer even on inclines. This feature is common to all Komatsu harvesters but provides particular advantages when working in steep terrain as the crane's slewing force would otherwise suffer when working against a gradient. The machine's stability also makes for more effective work at long reaches.

All Komatsu harvesters have bogies with integrated portals for good ground clearance and operator comfort. What's more, the bogie has an integrated balance function that makes for a machine that performs well both in steep terrain and on soft ground.

Low ground pressure and high stability

The XC machines are specially developed for logging in hilly terrain and on soft ground. Thanks to the 8-wheel design, our machines have a lower ground pressure, which makes them more gentle on the ground.

A factor that's also important when operating in demanding conditions is stability. Thanks to the Komatsu-concept, our harvesters have a design that contributes to making them among the most stable harvesters on the market. The XC machines take this one step further, with a double oscillating bogie on the rear frame, which makes sure the machine follows irregularities in the terrain in a smooth and forgiving manner while delivering excellent manoeuvrability in challenging terrain conditions. 

With your comfort in mind

Komatsu harvesters feature a high-performance operator environment with many advantages that ensure you have a good day at work. For starters, the cab is large and spacious with excellent visibility and good storage spaces for your most needed items. 

The driver's seat is ergonomically designed with good back support and many adjustment options to suit your preferences. Thanks to the cab's leveling function, you also sit upright even if the terrain is sloping, which means you can work in a relaxed way and feel more energetic at the end of your shift. 

Working hydraulics to be reckoned with

3PS is our innovative hydraulic system that ensures you have the capacity to do multiple operations at the same time – with maximum hydraulic power. For example, you can slew the crane, feed the log, and manoeuver the machine at the same time. If you instead do operations that require less power, only parts of the system are used, which leads to lower energy losses and thus lower fuel consumption. A wallet-friendly innovation, quite simply!

The system has been refined with a new work hydraulic to better utilise the hydraulic motor. The new hydraulics also provide faster feeding from start to maximum speed and allow the saw motor to work even more efficiently.




Komatsu Harvester Dimensions 8 wheels
A. Width

With 710/45x26,5 tyres: 2980 mm (9'9")

B. Length, total

8015 mm (26'4")

C. Length, front axle to middle joint

1930 mm (6'4")

D. Length, middle joint to rear axle

2150 mm (7'1")

E. Transport height

3980 mm (with max backwards tilted cab 3940 mm) (with tire compression)

F. Ground clearance at steering joint

708 mm (2'3")


Stated dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly depending on production tolerances and choice of equipment.

Approximate weight

From 23275 kg (51,300 lb)


AGCO Power, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbo and intercooler. EU Stage V, Tier 4F and Stage II.

Stroke volume

7,4 l (1.95 gal)


EU Stage V and Tier 4F: 214 kW DIN at 1 850 rpm. Stage II: 210 kW DIN at 1 850 rpm.


EU Stage V, Tier 4F and Stage II: 1 280 Nm at 1 500 rpm.

Fuel tank

466 l (123 gal)

Model and reach

270H: 8.7 m (28'7"), 10,3 m (33'10")

Gross lifting torque

275 kNm (20,283 lbf-ft)

Gross slewing torque

60 kNm (44,253 lbf-ft)

Available heads

C124, S132, C144, S172, C164. For short reach: C202, C202E


528 l/min (139 gal/min) at 1 600 rpm

System pressure

280 bar


24 V

Battery capacity

2 x 180 Ah


2 x 100 A

Driving speed

0 - approx. 21 km/h (13 mph)

Tractive force

242 kN (54,400 lbf)

General information

The specifications describe possible equipment, not which equipment is standard or optional. Standard and optional equipment varies between countries. Your sales representative has an up-to-date list of what is included. Weights are based on the equipment specified in the basic specification. Specifications and designs are subject to alteration without prior notice.