ProSelect Spare Parts & Accessories

Your profitability in focus

ProSelect represents carefully selected products that meet all of our quality requirements. Komatsu original spare parts, accessories and equipment designed for your Komatsu machine, as well as workwear, leisure wear and neat accessories.

All parts in our machines are designed and dimensioned for optimal mutual performance. This gives you maximum productivity and reliability as well as a longer and more profitable life for your machine. This is also why we take such a pride in the development and choice of our spare parts. By ensuring that all parts are designed and tested for your machine, we can guarantee that your Komatsu stays truly Komatsu, year after year.

Access to the right spare parts at the right time is essential to maintaining a machine's production capability. To ensure rapid deliveries of the right spare parts we have an optimized stock keeping and logistics chain. Our central spare parts warehouse is adjacent to Stockholm airport, enabling fast transport solutions, and we also have strategically located spare parts depots.

Original Spare Parts - Keeping your Komatsu truly Komatsu

Komatsu 901 with a great reach


Capacity and power

The crane is an important part of our harvesters. They all have parallel cranes that are both fast and easy to operate. They also have a unique slewing transmission that gives the cranes especially high starting capacities. Together with the hydraulic system's triple pump, there is sufficient power to perform several operations at the same time. The crane nose is equipped with Komatsu MDB, Multi Disc Brake, and the number of brake discs can be varied to match the size of the head. All machines have at least two crane reach alternatives.

Our forwarder cranes have high lifting and slewing torques to provide maximum force production and speed. Effective working hydraulics with a generously sized crane valve delivers a unique experience when it comes to crane operation. The cranes feature optimally protected hose routing through Komatsu's Combi outer boom and unique ProTec links. With ProTec Scale, fitted in the crane tip and fully integrated with MaxiXplorer, weights are automatically registered.
Hydraulic hoses Komatsu service

Hydraulic hoses

For a problem-free working day

Our range of hydraulic hoses is carefully tested and selected to meet Komatsu Forest's strict quality standard – and not just in theory, but also in the real world. Our ProSelect hoses are highly resistant to wear and can handle rough treatment and the repetitive pressure peaks and bending associated with use on a forest machine. By using hydraulic hoses from the ProSelect range, you can always be sure that they are of the right length and correctly specified for your machine. Everything to make your working day as convenient, problem-free and profitable as possible.

Carefully selected Accessories

Komatsu Uptime kit

Uptime kit

The right parts nearby keep the machine up and running

In the forest, it is often a long way to the nearest workshop or spare parts depot. To make it easier for you as a machine contractor, Komatsu Forest therefore offers an Uptime kit that contains a carefully composed selection of critical components. This allows you to feel confident that you have important components close at hand to minimize downtime and keep production going.

The Uptime kit includes several practical assortment boxes for different types of applications. These can also be purchased separately.
Fuel tank

Fuel tank

A robust fuel tank to optimise your forestry work

As with all Komatsu products, the mobile fuel tank is designed to optimise your forestry work. The tank’s generous 872-litre capacity is enough to refuel your forest machine several times on location in the forest where you are working. The fuel tank is approved for transport on public roads to get it as close as possible to the forest worksite, with the fuel tank loaded on a forwarder for the final stretch. 
Komatsu Service cleaning machine window


Maximise your machines service life

Our range of high quality Komatsu Forest original liquids are carefully selected, tested and approved by our in-house technical expertise. They ensure reliability, performance and maximises your machines service life. It also ensures that your machine stays Komatsu.
Komatsu service filter change

Filter kits

For long-term profitability

The right filters are key components when it comes to low maintenance costs. Consequently, Komatsu Forest has developed a special range of filters tested to fulfil our strict quality standard and to maximise the service life of your machine.

We've also developed specific filter kits for all of our machines, each containing all the filters needed to maintain your machine for 1000 operating hours, making it easy for you to follow the guidelines provided in the owner's manual to the letter.

When you choose original filters from our ProSelect range, you ensure many years of reliable profitability. If you take care of your machine, your machine will take care of you – we know this from experience.


Every second counts

During hot and dry periods, there is a serious risk of wildfires. Moreover, a single spark can be enough to start one, in which case every second counts. Having fire extinguishing equipment close at hand can make all the difference between a few scorched trees and a full-scale wildfire.

Komatsu’s flexible Multibox is easily transported by a forwarder and can hold ten 9-litre foam fire extinguishers. When wildfire season has passed, the box can be used to store tools and machine accessories instead.
Komatsu swords and chains service in forest

Saw bars and saw chains

Fast and safe cutting

Fast and reliable cutting is important to achieve high productivity and a high quality result. And that is what you get when you choose saw bars and chains from ProSelect.

In order for the cut to be effective and safe, the saw bar and chain must function well together. That is the reason we have developed and carefully tested these products so they will work in perfect harmony, and that is why it is just these selected saw bars and chains that can use the ProSelect quality branding.

When choosing these Komatsu saw bars and chains, you can feel confident that both the functionality and durability are the best possible. Plus, you get less cutting cracks and a minimised risk of chain shot. An easy choice.
Hands mounting LED lights

LED lighting

A strong and natural light

With LED lighting, you get a strong and natural light with low energy consumption. Eight high-power diodes give 4000 lumens and thus a better and safer working environment. It is also considered highly reliable, which means LED headlights have a very long service life.

ProSelect LED is light and has a slim design, but still very shock- and vibration resistant. It is also protected against overheating and reverse polarity. Made of durable plastic glass with matte black housing and cooling flanges in aluminium.
Lubricant grease chassi


Extend the life of your machine

The Komatsu lubricants are the perfect choice when you’re looking for products that works in all conditions. Carefully selected to optimise the Komatsu forestry machines’ performance. From shock-resilient grease suitable for the central lubrication system, to our biodegradable oil with lots of good viscosity characteristics for high performance hydraulic systems. This means increased performance, productivity and lifespan.

Komatsu swivel


Turn to longer service life

Our range of ProSelect Long Life swivels is specially designed, tested and selected to meet Komatsu Forest's strict quality standard. The swivels continually safeguard hose attachments and rotate when necessary so that the hosing is not subjected to harmful twisting during pressure peaks. Eliminating twisting increases the service life of the hydraulic hoses considerably, as just a few degrees of twisting can otherwise reduce service life by as much as 90 percent!

The ProSelect Long Life range also features large low friction surfaces for optimal sealing ability and durability. They are self-lubricating, which reduces the risk of oil spills in nature, and designed for quick and easy maintenance – everything to make your working day as safe, convenient and profitable as possible.

Equipment - Boosting your machine even further

Komatsu Grapples


Grab the logs like a pro

For a forwarder operator, an efficient grapple design is key to ensuring high productivity in a demanding environment. Komatsu’s new grapple program are optimised to quickly and forcefully collect, roll in and grip the stems. With a total of 10 models to choose from, there is a grapple for every forwarding assignment.

The most striking difference with the new grapple program is that the opening width is noticeably larger, which enables the grapple to penetrate the wood pile more quickly and easily. The logs roll into the grapple more readily as well, saving precious time. They have also been refined when it comes to gathering and straightening the timber.

The grapples range in size from 0.26 m² to a full 0.50 m² and, in addition to standard grapples, include specially designed bioenergy and heavy-duty models. They are also compatible with the most common forwarders make as well as with most types of truck cranes and other vehicles that handle timber.
Hands performing feed roller service

Feed rollers

Get the right grip

When it comes to feeding, a steady grip with good trunk-positioning and good traction are the most important factors for optimised logging. The feed rollers constitute the part that is in direct contact with the trunk; therefore, the choice of feed roller is of great significance for productivity. The feed rollers in our ProSelect range are uniquely adapted to the differing geometries of the various heads, which provides considerable advantages when it comes to trunk-positioning, grip and the centering of the trunk in the head.

A feed roller that is not adapted to the head or to the type of forest, or that is just very worn, will significantly reduce productivity and jeopardise the extent to which the technology is utilised. There is a huge difference in the gripping performance of different feed rollers. With the most appropriate feed roller, the properties of the head are improved by 10-15 %.