Komatsu Forest Machines

A holistic view on productivity

On our forest machine pages you can read more about the advantages with the Komatsu harvesters, forwarders and harvesting heads. But there is more. The holistic approach of Komatsu Forest enables true, long-term productivity. Our harvesters, forwarders and heads continues to set new standards when it comes to user friendliness, efficiency and quality. These advantages are multiplied when combined with services like MaxiXT, MaxiFleet, MaxiVision, ProAct 2.0 etc. Cutting edge product innovations boosted by ingenious services. This is quality. Forestry Quality.
So when you choose a Komatsu forest machine, you can be sure that you both get the best machine possible and the prerequisites for real leverage in your every day work. Komatsu is also good news when you want to sell or buy a used machine. Our reliable and competent service has great significance for the machine’s performance and economy over time, and ensures that your red forestry machine ages well and is good value for money.