A forwarder operator wants the crane to feel like an extension of their own arm, with smooth, flowing movements and good crane speed. With the introduction of the SmartFlow option, Komatsu Forest has taken a major step in this direction. SmartFlow is brand new crane control technology that boasts unmatched intelligence. The new crane valve constantly monitors the pressure and flow delivered to the crane, ensuring the right levels at all times to provide impressive crane control. Such good handling means less tiring work shifts, better productivity and, as a result, better profitability.

One of the functions offered by SmartFlow is Active Crane Damping. This function dampens the pressure spikes and dips that can arise in the hydraulics when the operator accelerates or brakes crane movements, making for a more pleasant work environment in the cab. Precision at long reaches is also improved, providing advantages when, for instance, the operator is gathering timber. The crane damping function quite simply makes it possible to speed the forwarding process while retaining the same degree of control, thereby increasing productivity.

Our SmartFlow technology also reduces pressure losses in the valve, with a direct and positive impact on fuel economy. Komatsu Forest has seen fuel savings as high as four percent during a normal forwarding cycle with both loading/unloading and off-road transport.

This option is available in the Swedish market for the Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 875 forwarders.