Our Forwarders

We offer forwarders in many size classes, from our thinning expert with a 9-tonne load capacity up to our largest final logging forwarder with a 20-tonne load capacity. Regardless of size, our forwarders are designed to enable you to transport timber to the roadside both comfortably and efficiently.

Komatsu forwarders are characterised by their flexible load areas with many options to adapt them to your particular needs. Moreover, the stable Komatsu concept ensures your safety in the cab even when working on steep slopes. Other productive advantages include the favourable offroad handling with a powerful transmission and generous ground clearance, making easy work of even the toughest terrain. 
Feel free to read more about our forwarders on each model's product page – where you will also find links to brochures with more detailed information about what we hope will be your new partner in the forest.