Stem coding allows the operator to classify individual trees based on the premises that apply to the object. In addition to “high stumps”, the operator can select “future tree” or “tree group” to view saved trees. The position of the coded trees is stored in Maxifleet, and they are clearly marked in the map of the object. The new feature makes it easier to follow directives, such as distances between future trees.

Maxifleet can also, based on previously coded trees, provide support for where the operator should cut a high stump or save a tree. The system can also show when it is time to save a future tree, which makes it easier for the operator. It is also possible to track the number of high stumps made, so that the operator does not need to keep track of that. Note that the stem codes in the picture are examples, the codes are set based on the specifications of the assignment.

In addition to making the operator’s work easier, the visualization of stem codes helps to report that the job has been completed correctly based on the forest owner's assignment.