Colour marking facilitates the handling of the processed wood and is a prerequisite for the correct product being delivered to the sawmills. The quality of the paint is also an important prerequisite for this process to go smoothly and that no wood will go to waste.

An important factor is the colour intensity, where alcohol-based paints have a relatively low intensity while glycol-based paints have a medium intensity - both types, however, have problems with the colour spreading easily over the cut surface. Komatsu CM on the other hand, which is a water-based product, has a high intensity while the paint does not spread over the cut surface. This leads to clearer and more visible markings that help the operator while reducing colour consumption.

Something that can affect the final price of the product is if the paint has penetrated the wood and thus destroyed parts of it. Paint based on both alcohol and glycol have problems with the paint easily penetrating too deep into the wood, causing a lot of wastage for sawmills. Komatsu CM only adheres to the top layer of the wood, about 2-4 mm, resulting in a better end product. Another advantage is that Komatsu CM does not cause any corrosion, which is usually a problem with alcohol and glycol-based paints.

For both the environment at large and the operator’s work environment it is very important what the paint consists of. Glycol is hazardous to health while methanol belongs to the group of chemicals that are toxic alternatively can cause serious or long term health damage. Komatsu CM, on the other hand, is water-based with additives used in the food industry. It lacks warning signs all together and is completely harmless to humans and to the environment.

Overall, the tests show that Komatsu CM has great advantages in terms of quality and environment. The characteristics of the paint mean that consumption is lower compared to other brands, while improving the performance. In conclusion, Komatsu CM provides a good end product, something that both operators and machine owners as well as sawmills profit from.