Incorrect oil changes can ruin an engine and require expensive repairs. And without the right oil, wear increases and, in the worst case scenario, engine damage can occur. That's why it's important to keep track of oil changes, not only to avoid expensive repairs, but also to maintain a high resale value. "We recommend that you always use ProSelect lubricants for Komatsu machines," says Joakim Strömdahl, Product Planner at Customer Service Business. "And be sure not to neglect oil change schedules. That way you'll build a good foundation for good, steady production out in the forest."

And you shouldn't skimp on oil quality. "All of our ProSelect lubricants are optimized for our Komatsu machines. They're of the right quality and contain the additives needed to keep our machines working as intended," Joakim explains. And don't forget to replace the oil filters as directed. A clogged filter allows dirt to pass that then circulates back into the engine and can cause damage. The cost of changing the oil and filters is negligible compared to the cost of an engine overhaul. "We care about the environment, so we'd like to encourage all who change the oil themselves to always take the used oil for destruction," says Joakim. For machine owners who've signed up for the ProAct 2.0 service, this includes the right oil, oil changes, oil filters, and the destruction of used oil.

ProAct 2.0 is a complete solution that includes inspection, maintenance, training, and follow-ups. The maintenance concept is about preventative service, and ProSelect spare parts, accessories, and consumables comprise an important part of this. When you choose ProSelect, you can rest assured that your machine will continue to operate optimally. This ensures a longer service life and the certainty that your machine will continue to perform as expected.

"Everything included in the ProSelect range is carefully selected by qualified experts, which means that we assume responsibility for ensuring the right quality, optimal functionality, and maximum service life," says Joakim.

Engine oil´s five tasks 
  1. Lubricate the engine.
  2. Cool the engine. A very important task.
  3. Clean the engine. Dirt is dissolved.
  4. Rustproof the engine. Important during longer downtime.
  5. Seal the engine. Around piston rings and gaskets.

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