Smart Forestry is best described as a collection of digital solutions that help make the workplace safe, smart, productive and sustainable.

The concept encompasses our digital solutions – including all the features currently offered by MaxiFleet. However, Smart Forestry is a broader concept compared to our previous offering, and our goal is to develop it into a platform where we, together with customers, partners and other stakeholders, can create new types of value-creating solutions.

At this point, Smart Forestry consists of three different applications, making it easy to find the best solution for you.

Fleet Monitoring provides you with full control over your machines, with the ability to plan remotely and all the necessary remote control functions – including support.

Vision includes all functions for practical map layers, collaboration between operators and the ability to monitor all production in real time.

Precision provides the ability to use the latest positioning technology to simplify the working day and reach new levels of precision for the work.

To learn more about Smart Forestry, visit our website or contact your local sales representative.