The MaxiFleet engine heater function has received several practical upgrades that makes it both easier and better. Information about current battery capacity, cab temperature and machine position is regularly sent to MaxiFleet – regardless of whether the machine is running or not. This allows the operator to see, for example, that the heater is working and has warmed up the cab, that there is sufficient battery capacity to start the machine, and so on.

Most operators have programmed a schedule for the machine's engine heater based on their usual working hours. But sometimes you need to work at other hours and with the new MaxiFleet functionality it is easy to program the engine heater to start, for example, an hour earlier. The machine's pre-programmed engine heater schedule can be displayed in MaxiFleet, but changes to this schedule can only be made in the machine. It is also possible to manually switch the engine heater on or off through MaxiFleet.

The upgraded engine heater is the first improvement made possible by the new, connected technology, but more news is to be expected.