ProAct 2.0

A service agreement for greater profitability and peace of mind

Our ProAct 2.0 service agreement simplifies your machine ownership while increasing your peace of mind and profitability. You gain a reliable machine and full control over its condition and economy – all for a fixed low cost based on engine hours.

ProAct 2.0 gives you a comprehensive solution for service and spare parts, with planned inspections and proactive service measures at just the right times to prevent unscheduled downtime – following a timetable tailored to you and your business. This enables you to focus on harvesting forest while we take care of your machine, ensuring that it's ready to perform at its best.

To ensure that you have a machine optimised for high and reliable productivity, ProAct 2.0 is comprised of four important components encompassing simple inspections, proactive service, tailored training and regular follow-ups.

The different parts of ProAct 2.0


In preparation for proactive service, planned inspections tailored to your particular machine are conducted. These enable you to predict service needs, minimise downtime and maximise uptime.

Proactive service

Scheduled and planned service effectively reduces production losses. To further increase your machine's uptime, in addition to the factory-recommended service points we also cover a large number of proactive service points at each service. What's more, you gain access to a tailored field stock with a selection of operation-critical components and consumables.


ProAct 2.0 includes access to MaxiFleet, where you can leverage machine-related data concerning your production and uptime. In addition, each month you receive an economic follow-up of your costs for service, spare parts and consumables.


We offer training courses tailored to your particular needs and circumstances. Everything to enable you to make the best possible use of your machine's functions and performance. Important training components include simulator training and the use of the production data generated by MaxiFleet.

Profitable benefits

MaxiFleet Service

Keep track of your machine

ProAct 2.0 gives you access to MaxiFleet Service, where you can easily manage all information about your machine. It provides you with a complete overview of your machine's condition throughout its entire service life. This includes, for example:

- Documentation concerning your machine, such as inspection reports
- Field stock overview
- Function to order spare parts and consumables
- Future service requirements forecast
- Economic follow-ups of your machine
- Production and machine information
- Weather map for planning weather-dependent service

Everything to enable you to easily plan and run your business.

ProAct 2.0 Fieldstock

Spare Parts close at hand

Access to a well-planned field stock near your machine provides immediate access to the right spare parts and consumables. The content of your particular field stock is tailored and optimised based on our knowledge of your machine model and your actual spare parts and consumables consumption.

You can easily order refills for your field stock with a few simple clicks in MaxiFleet Service. To ensure that both the owner and the operator are informed about measures involving the machine, information about orders and deliveries is sent via e-mail or text message.

Komatsu 931XC harvester working

Optimised uptime

To ensure maximum productivity, we offer a comprehensive service programme with carefully calculated inspection and service intervals. Strategically planned inspections and proactive service are conducted at just the right times and, moreover, we only use high-quality original parts designed and tested for use in our machines.

Immediate access to a complete and optimised field stock increases the chances of keeping your machine in prime condition at all times.

Komatsu 875 Maximised Productivity

Predictable costs

ProAct 2.0 is offered at a fixed price per engine hour, which enables you to easily calculate the total cost over the machine's service life.

Furthermore, each month you receive a straightforward economic follow-up detailing your service costs and a summary of your spare parts and consumables spending.

Komatsu service and maintenance

Continual improvements

With ProAct 2.0 you always have access to the latest updates, functions and improvements at no extra cost.

- The service points conducted during inspections and service are continually refined and optimised to ensure that you receive the greatest possible benefit each time.

- To create the optimal field stock content based on your machine model and head, the recommended content of your field stock is regularly modified.

- You always have access to the latest updates in MaxiFleet and MaxiFleet Service so that you can retrieve as much information as possible about your machine.

Komatsu Forest's proactive service concept ProAct 2.0

Greater peace of mind

With ProAct 2.0 you're always in good hands. Based on our expert knowledge and extensive experience of our machines, we've developed a service plan that optimises your machine's productive uptime. All service is performed by authorised Komatsu Forest experts who know your machine inside out.

What's more, we ensure that your Komatsu remains one hundred percent Komatsu by only using high-quality original parts and consumables from our ProSelect range. Products that are designed and tested for use with your particular machine to maximise its service life and productivity.